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Shopping was on the top of my agenda for today. Actually, it was the only real item on said agenda. But, I was down to just one can of dog food and I really didn't want to cope with Saturday crowds, so I headed out to WalMart before 9 AM. My big "find" was a baby (round) watermelon! I shall be sampling it this evening. It's just about the right size that I'll be able to finish it before it goes bad. And I've learned that the wild creatures like to nibble on the rind and eat the seeds.

When I got back I found Bad Cat sitting right by the open gate. Actually, she was lying there watching everything and everybody go by. When I drove up the driveway she followed. We've come to an unspoken agreement: I "let" her slip out when I go out the first time in the morning. She comes in at meal time, and then stays in.

She was back at the end of the driveway when the guy came to read the water meter. He was more interested in the dogs, who barked vigorously to let me know they were on guard. Most of the people the water company hires are the kind who are not intimidated by barking dogs, especially when there is an open gate.

I'm hoping to finish Assembling California this evening. The middle part of the book tends to range around the world as McPhee describes the tectonic plate activity, but at the end he's back to California and the San Andreas fault. It's really quite interesting, but I wish I had travelled in more of California--and more recently. (The last time I was there was 1993 and we stayed in Southern California.)

I haven't settled on the next pair of books--I like to have one mind candy and one "geek" book going at the same time. One of my B&N purchases was a Carl Hiassen and I may go for that. He writes such hilarious whodunits!

And I guess the rest of the evening will be spent watching the Olympics.

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