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A new experience today--YD took me to get a pedicure. Last week I asked her if she could trim the nails on the bad-hip foot. Her comment translated loosely as "yuuuck!" I have about three and a half weeks left before I can break 90 degrees on that leg and the nails were rapidly getting to the point where, if I was barefoot in a tree, they could be used to hang onto a branch. That bad.

It was a very pleasant experience, and not only did the nails get trimmed, but the cuticles also. And the soles of the feet got sanded and scraped. I didn't want any polish--even clear--because of the problems of getting it off. But the feet feel really nice and are no longer lethal weapons.

I then took her to an early dinner at a Chinese buffet place nearby. From the day it opened it has had lots of customers. It's centrally located, has lots of parking, and is very popular at lunch time with the local workers. The food offerings run the gamut and are quite good.

It was somewhat rainy today, but not until about noon. Bad Cat was happy to come in when I went to get the mail. She is not stupid and was out one day when it rained. It's not like there isn't any shelter--she can get into the garage, she could join the dogs under the house, or stay on the patio. But it's warmer inside and frequently the human has herself some ice cream. And that little cat goes crazy over what is left in the dish. She is not picky about flavor either.

I spent most of the day reading Carl Hiaason's Strip Tease. He is a very funny writer and his characters get into bizarre situations. The protagonist in this one is a single mother who dances at a strip club because she has a lot of bills and that earns her a lot more money than an office job. Then there is a U.S. Congressman, a woman who raises wolf/dogs, an FBI agent, assorted cops, and a boa contrictor. The setting is the Miami area.

I think I am ready for another "geek" book--the mind candy gotten my reading speed back up.

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