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My day started early, because I didn't have the energy to put the trash out yesterday evening. My trash man usually comes about noon, except for when I put it out at 10 AM. So, my goal is to have it out by 8 AM at the latest, if not the night before.

Naturally, Bad Cat ran out as I opened the door. She walked me down to the road and back, then started eating some of the grass. She disappeared totally for about three hours, when she wanted IN!!

I headed into New Orleans after some lunch. I picked up the mail before I left and discovered I'd gotten my recent order of Cross Sums books. That is my favorite puzzle and I have discovered that I can buy books of more than 100 direct from the publisher for less than I'd pay for a regular puzzle magazine at the newsstand.

Traffic into New Orleans might have been a little heavier than last week. But it's still up and over on the high rise--a feat that, in the past, could be accomplished only on New Year's Day and late at night. I ran into a street closing in the city itself and the detour took me down Canal Street a ways. It's obvious that there was quite a storm here six months ago. Buildings are still being repaired, and today this involved blocking off at least one lane of traffic.

Along St. Charles AVenue it's obvious, however, that Carnival goes on. Lots of chain link and that orange plastic fencing protecting curbside plantings from over-eager parade watchers. New Orleans managed to get parade debris cleaned up a lot better than Slidell did. There was still a lot of trash around when I got back this evening.

And what do you think of a president who thinks it's quite okay to invade personal privacy (telephones, internet) but cannot seem to understand why the U.S shouldn't turn over management of six key ports to a Dubai company!! Even if the pwners and managers are totally opposed to the militant Arabs, what about the vastly increased possibility that those very people could enter the U.S. much more easily with an Arab company controlling the ports? How are they going to deal with that increased risk?

At least both sides of Congress are equally appalled.

Has Bush ever gone hunting with Cheney?

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