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I don't call this journal My Incredibly Unremarkable Life for nothing--you can see how many days I consider IU.

Today was a quiet one, with nothing urgently needing doing. I still have clean underwear in the drawer, so it's not time to do laundry. I put a couple of throw rugs in strategic locations and I no longer have the huge quantity of kitty-litter footprints showing on the carpet.

I did feel the need to make a grocery run. I had inadvertently run out of cat treats. In the morning Fabian and CC really holler for these. Fabian doesn't get any unless he hauls his bulk up onto the kitchen counter. (That's usually his greatest exertion for the day.) They don't get that many, but it's enough. I probably have two cats with tartarlesss teeth because they like only the crunchy ones, and those are the tartar control type.

But first I needed to check if my pre-dental antibiotic was ready. They hadn't gotten a response from the dentist last week, so I called this morning and Mae took care of it. I figured my route for the afternoon would be drugstore, Arby's, then WalMart.

The prescription was not ready. Drat. And wouldn't be till about 2:30. I went and had lunch, but finished way before 2:30. So, it was out to WalMart. I had just parked when my pocket began to play "When the Saints . . ." It was the automated drugstore phone telling me the thing was ready. Well, I'll pick it up tomorrow on my way to New Orleans.

I eventually got back home and fed the ravenous beasts--all five of them. Then I took a nap.

The one thing I did accomplish in the morning was to talk to someone with the Literacy League. She was really nice and told me the next reading training was tentatively scheduled for April or May, but that math was done in a one-on-one manner. And she said she'd had a recent inquiry about math help. So we'll have to see what, if anything, happens there. Like just about everybody else, they've lost a bunch of volunteers post-Katrina.

Current reading is Jealous Gods - Chosen People: The Mythology of the Middle East by David Leeming. He writes very accessibly and this is not the first book of his that I've read. Two others are titled God and Goddess, and they give brief rundowns on a wide variety of deities throughout the world and history. I frequently use his entry about Osiris in my classes. It's short enough to be read (aloud) in about five minutes and I do it somewhat dramatically. The students usually have no trouble remembering Osiris after that, and the symbolism of the spring grass shoots growing along the Nile.

I'm trying to get a better understanding of the development of civilization in Anatolia. I mention Catal Huyuk and the Hittites briefly in lectures, but I keep it brief because I'm not that familiar with greater details. I also have a couple of books by Marija Gimbutas focusing on the goddess worship--or at least the interpretation of the artifacts that suggest this.

I'm just hoping that I'll be able to use this information in history lectures again.

But meanwhile, it keeps me somewhat intellectually occupied.

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