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Meme of Fours
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This one got passed to me by Leya, who, incidentally, writes about how her art gets onto the canvas.

I don't generally do memes (I can never think of answer lists) but this one I can manage, sort of, for most of the categories.

Name four jobs I've had:

My first job was in a five and ten that had just opened in one of those new things called shopping centers. It lasted the summer I was sixteen.

The next summer a bunch of us got jobs in a toy factory. It was a printing company and they did all sorts of board games and other stuff. We assembled them and packaged them for shipping.

I'll skip to the first "real" job. That was in 1957-58 at Cape Canaveral, where I was a data technician for Atlas ICBM missile tests. I was there, working late, the night the US had its first successful satellite launch. We were able to pick up the countdown on the base radio and went up to the hanger roof to watch it.

My most recent job, as many of you know, went with the wind. I'm hoping that Xavier's fall enrollment takes me back there to teach early World Civilization.

Name four places I've lived:

Oh my--I have really moved around in my life. I grew up in Nutley NJ. I think I lived there about 17 years. The next fairly permanent place was Cocoa Beach Florida, during my days of working at the Cape.

I met and married my husband there, and we were off following the ICBM missiles. San Diego, Cheyenne, and then Abilene, Texas. That was where we were when the Cuban missile crisis occurred. He was called out to work about 3 AM and woke me to tell me to gas up the station wagon and get a supply of camping food. He got home about the usual time, we had a quick supper, then went to Sears to buy a rifle.

After Abilene it was back to the home office in California, then to Louisiana for work on the big engine for the moon program. We were here four years or so, then back to the Cape for the moon launches.

We returned to Louisiana after eight years in Florida and have lived here in Slidell since 1976.

Name four movies you can watch over and over again:

"Casablanca" comes to mind. I saw the last half of it in New Hampshire where we were vacationing in the early fifties. My father had flown back to NJ for work and we were meeting him at the airport. We got there early, so killed time by going to the movies. It was years before I saw the first part.

"African Queen" is another favorite. It's quite a love story.

And another favorite: "Yellow Submarine." I've got a video of that one.

But I think my all time favorite is "Fantasia." I can't remember how many times I've seen that one.

Name four TV shows I like to watch:

I don't really watch that much TV. Although it's been on a lot with me at home all day it's for the human voices. Let's see--I like "Desparate Housewives" and I like to watch pro football. (I have Saints season tickets.) I enjoy "Jeopardy" and other semi-intellectual game shows. (The people on "Price is Right" tend to act like such idiots.)

Name four places I've vacationed:

Well, the way we've moved around we've been to plenty of places--camping our way into the Canadian Rockies for one. (Because of the moving around I've been in 42 of the 48 contiguous states.) But the really memorable ones were after we quit camping. In 1998 we went on a tour of China. This was my first time away from the North American continent. It was great.

The next "foreign" one was with YD and it was a tour of England, Scotland, and Wales.

After she got married I looked for something to do solo and found Earthwatch. I went to Romania on an archaeological dig the summer of 2003 and returned in 2004 and 2005. I'm planning on going again this summer.

My most recent vacation did not go as planned, but was enjoyable and educational nonetheless. It was my ill-fated late November trip to Kenya (on another Earthwatch expedition) where I lost my balance the first full day at the camp, fell, and broke my hip. I spent eight days in a hospital in Mombasa, then the insurance people got me out of there by way of an air ambulance to Kilimanjaro where a big KLM airbus made a special stop to pick me up. (I had to travel on a stretcher.) After about 40 hours of travel I had gone well over 9000 miles, crossed nine time zones and finally arrived in New Orleans, where an ambulance was waiting to take me directly to the hospital in Slidell. I had hip surgery the next day.

Name four of your favorite dishes:

Hmmmm . . . Raw oysters and boiled crawfish head the list. I really don't cook much any more--not for just the one of me, so I'm thinking about restaurant dishes. Oh--I like sushi. And my favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip.

Name four blogs you read daily:

I start the early morning with My Demented Diary. He posts before 7 AM. I always check YD's journal (link at top of page). I read Leya's journal (how else would she have tagged me!) and I read Rhubarb's new journal. I have about twenty on my faorites list, but a lot of them are only occassionals.

Name four places you'd rather be right now:

Sorry--I'm quite happy just where I am--Katrina detritus and all.

And what four lucky people am I tagging?

Electric Grandmother

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