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What to write about? It's been an IUD in MIUL. what else is new?

I de-tootsie-rolled the cat boxes. Tomorrow I'll toss the crumbled Feline Pine into the hole by the stump I told the the tree people to leave. My grand plan is to fill the hole with crumbled litter--which the rain will cleanse--and then try to get some viney thing with flowers to grow over it. Since I have a brown thumb, I'm not too optimistic about the whole thing.

I dozed off during "Price is Right," waking up only to find out that not one person had won the big prizes. It was topped off by both finalists overbidding. Well, that day helped their budget!

When I wasn't dozing I was reading Tales of a Female Nomad by Rita Gelman. It is marvelous and I just may finish it this evening. If that's the case, I'll need to stop at the post office tomorrow to get the stamps to mail it and Assembling California off to a friend. I'm also reading the Leeming book about the mythology of the Middle East. If I teach again I'll have a lot more to say about the religions of the ancient world.

That "geek" book is what I currently take to read when I go to Arby's. I try to get there well after 1 PM when it's really slow, and then I linger till I've gone through my lunch and two cokes. Today I followed up Arby's with a run to the WalMart/Sam's area. First off, I needed to gas up. I was below a quarter of a tank. Gas today was $2.109 a gallon. The rest of the stuff was things like beast food and some breakfast stuff for me.

So, do you agree that it was another IUD? And the highlight of tomorrow will no doubt be the emptying of the kitty litter!!!

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