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In Like a Lamb
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Around here, March definitely came in like a lamb. It was in the 70s today and the forecast shows about a week of this lovely weather. That's good--it keeps my gas bill down!

Bad Cat continues to go out in the morning, and we seem to have reached a sort of compromise that she can stay out till it's time to eat. Then she has to stay in. I really don't want a mostly black cat wandering around in the dark.

Last night she slept curled up on my stomach while CC curled up on my feet. Fabian is more the daytime cuddler. When I'm stretched out for sleeping on the couch there isn't all that much room left for him.

Once again, it was a nothing day. I did the usual pick-up stuff, emptied the dryer, then did a load of laundry so now the dryer has to be emptied again. Then I "luppered" at Arby's while I read an Elaine Pagels book about the Gospel of Thomas (from the Dead Sea Scrolls.)

Next week I'm going to stop by the Newcomb College Center for Research on Women and talk with the folks there about volunteering. I e-mailed the director yesterday with a note about Octavia Butler's passing. (She spent a semester there as Zale Writer in Residence.) And, I mentioned my "availability." I'm looking forward to seeing the people there again. (Newcomb is there with Tulane.)

I've got about another week before I can break that 90 degrees. Then I'll work at cleaning off some shelves in my office. I doubt I'll ever teach American history again, so those 10 - 12 year old lectures can be tossed. That should give me an entire shelf. Another post-90 degree job will be more intensive yard work. Weeding, planting, fertilizing, etc. (Which reminds me--I need to talk to a nursery about getting a magnolia tree to replace the leaner I had to have taken down.)

Even though March came in like a lamb, I don't really think it will go out like a lion--it would have to be pretty unusual weather for that to happen.

(Come to think of it--I vaguely recall some snow that stuck to all the azalea blooms one year quite a while ago.)

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