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Today was a fairly good day. The temperature was up to 80 in the afternoon and the breezes were balmy. Things were fairly quiet, at least until the Cleco (power company) man came to read the meter. At that point the dogs went under the house and barked like mad at him until he left. I think Bad Cat was out then but I have no idea where she was.

I turned the AC on in my office for a while and CC had to figure out where the noise and the cool breeze were coming from. She has sat on the window unit a couple of times. Things should get really interesting if sparrows build a nest on the part that is outside the window. It's protected by an awning and is an attractive nesting site. Or at least it was till I allowed cats into my office.

I went out in the mid-afternoon for lupper and errands. My "eating" book is by Elaine Pagels and is about the Gospel of Thomas. My mind candy book is a Dick Francis mystery. I think this is the first one of his books I've read, and it seems to move along fairly well.

Today's paper had a notice that a literacy training would be held this month. When I had talked to the person she had thought it would be April, no latear than May. Needless to say, I signed up. It's two Saturdays, about six hours each. I'm looking forward to it.

One nice thing about being on a rural mail delivery route--the mail carrier does all sorts of post office errands for you. Yesterday I left a package for which I had insufficient stamps and a list of other stamps I needed. And a check. Today he brought back all the stamps I'd ordered. Saves me a trip and a wait at the post office. I need to write to a couple of the people in Kenya, and a woman in England. I can't figure out the postage from the usps web page, so when I get those letters done I'll have to actually walk into a post office. At least the long lines and crowds are gone.

I'm almost out of cat food again, so early tomorrow I'll head to the store. This time I'll have a "count" on my list. A couple of times I've run out of dog food and given them cat food, and once it was a can of condensed lentil soup. But the cats are somewhat pickier, and I don't think I have cans of human tuna around for their feeding emergencies.

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