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Friday (according to the calendar)
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Days of the week have very little meaning when you don't have something specific to keep your week "awareness" attuned. I generally check my cell phone to see what day it is. Today I checked the calendar (it's a "saying" a day one), but if I have forgotten to tear the page off it's not accurate. But today is definitely Friday, March 3--because both my calendar and cell phone say so.

I got to WalMart early enough to snag a handicapped spot and got enough beast food to last two weeks. I also picked some stuff up for myself, but I'm fairly well-stocked at the moment. Of course, sometimes I am not in the mood for anything I have, but that's beside the point.

The newspapers stack up quickly and this morning I started taking the bags of them out to the car. I've got four bags in there and only one more to go. It would make a lot of sense for me to leave them at the recycle center tomorrow.

I realized it was high time to get the first of the month bookkeeping done. Almost all my deposits are automatically sent to the bank. And a lot of my regular bills are automatically taken out by the bank. I just need to record all this in the check register and enter the debit card purchases of recent days.

(You can tell by now that this day is really high on the unremarkable list.)

You've heard the saying (and song) "you know what it means to miss New Orlreans" I'm sure. Well, I had a chatty e-mail from a former colleague who wanted updates on what's going on here. She was here for only about a year and a half, but she got taken in by the "flavor" of the city and area, and she misses it I think. She recently did a thing about the Mardis Gras Indians for a Black History Month project at the college where she now teaches.

If today is Friday then tomorrow must be Saturday. So what? I'll just have to see what, if anything, it brings.

Oh--for the first time in ages I had no mail--not even advertising. That makes today a very different day.

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