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It's amazing how motivated one becomes when there is no tomorrow to put off to! Tomorrow I'm going in to the Women's Center--and I'm giving thought to going in Friday also.

Therefore, if I don't make those phone calls and do stuff today, it won't get done till the weekend. And I don't care to think about postponing the litter boxes that long. So, I got both of them refreshed, I made several phone calls, one of which verified that the pool guy had, indeed, agreed to fix the pool. I left a message with the Girl Scout person about day camp and swimming. I did some general tidying up. And, I caught up with bills and bookkeeping. (How many other words do you know that have have three consecutive double vowels in them?)

I luppered at Arby's and got some more geek reading done. Bad Cat went out this morning, but came back in when I was ready to leave. She's been inside since her day and a half escapade. Perhaps she learned something? I hope so. First thing she did was eat the rye grass. (I hope she barfed it up while she was outside.)

Bush visited New Orleans again--his tenth visit since Katrina. He arrived ddressed in chinos and a long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up. I guess that's the "I'm ready to work costume." However, he seem to be cognizant of the problems here--such as houses that got floated to the middle of the street and are still sitting there. Laura Bush was along on the trip and announced that her foundation was taking applications for grants for restocking flooded school libraries.

I saw in the paper today that the Bushes had flown to Texas to vote in their primary yesterday. Well, if you forget to get an absentee ballot, it's nice to be able to hop on Air Force One. However, it did open up the opportunity to see Gulf Coast progress. It seems to be the consensus that if we could get all the Congressional members down in this gnereal area for a quick look-see the assistance bills might have a better chance of passing.

I saw a news clip where some high-and-mighty was giving the stock proclamation about "why should we rebuild a city ten feet below sea level? (Forget that with the current global warming a lot more cities near the coast are going to be a lot NEARER the coasts in the next decade or so.) Well, my response to that would be to ask him how many New Orleanians--of all economic levels--would they be willing to take in? If it's a city, how about adding ten percent to the population. All at once.

As a resident of St. Tammany parish (north of Lake Pontchartrain) I can tell you what it's like suddenly having an extra 30,000 or so people living here. Since last August our population has gone up from a pre-K 250,000 to at LEAST 30,000 more. And they're not all semi-temporary construction workers. It's why I usually take a somewhat roundabout route to the shopping area unless I'm leaving from home. (And on Saturday afternoons I shall make about an 8 mile detour to get there at least 20 minutes sooner.)

So, tomorrow I'll leave the house at about 8 AM to get to Newcomb by 9 AM. I think the traffic in New Orleans is still sufficiently down that I won't get caught in a jam. The work in the library and archives should be extremely interesting. Andknowing I wouldn't be home tomorrow got me off my you-know-what today.

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