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I spent most of today in New Orleans, at the Newcomb College Center for Research on Women. (And from now on I'll use its abbreviation--NCCROW.)

I started out with a box of assorted folders containing at least two people's records of faculty meetings dating from 1969 to the early 1990s. My job was to sort them out into folders for each school year. And, to remove all paperclips and undogear dog-eared pages. This took me most of the day that I was in there. When I finished I went upstairs to talk to the archivist and she said she'll start me on indexing where peoples records are so researchers can find them It sounds quite interesting, and if I am ever searching archives again I'll be doing it much more knowledgeably.

The building, which has a library on the first floor, took three feet of water during Katrina. You would never know it now--the restoration is excellent. I haven't asked about how the books and papers fared, but I'm sure some of the books were lost. The super valuable ones are in a freezer drying out. (That's what you do with wet books--freeze them for a while.)

I left the house about 8 AM and ran into no slowdown traffic. No school zones on the south side of Slidell and the High Rise was up and over. That's a sure indicator of the population. Coming home about three I also ran into no slow traffic. I could get used to this, but it's not good for the city.

Tomorrow I'll be going in again, and then it will be three times a week. That takes care of any procrastination on household stuff--when there's tomorrow to things off to they tend to get done more quickly.

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