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Today I was working on boxes with stuff from Assistant Deans. And most of what was in the box was surveys of Newcomb students and their attitudes on almost anything. This was an easy box, compared to yesterday.

Just as I was finishing it up the archivist came in with a current goody needing tending. This time it was general information on Newcomb students from 1909 to 1939--once every ten years. Susan (the archivist) needed the figures checked on religious preference and on parental jobs. The first was easy.

The second has to be tabulated, and I spent the afternoon doing the 1909 set of 428. Jobs held by primary income-earning parent (usually Dad) ran the gamut from lumberman to president of Tulane. Trying to set up categories was the interesting part. When I was about half done I checked with Susan about the categories I'd used and she was cool with it. I got 1909 done a bit before 4 PM. I'll be back there on Tuesday to continue with that.

I was upstairs today, where conversation is the norm. Some of the talk was about South Dakota's recently passed law. And a similar one is being introduced in the Louisiana legislature. I mentioned the irony of so-called pro-life people frequently being pro-death--supportive of the death penalty.

Yes, it's good to have something useful to do, and something that gets done in the company of other people.

I left Newcomb about 4 PM. Pre-K that would have meant heavy traffic most of the way through New Orleans, even (especially?) on the interstate. But the population is down so much that it was clear sailing all the way.

Bad Cat slipped out when I got home, but didn't go far. She knew that dinner was about to be served. When I opened the door to go out and feed the dogs, she flew back in and headed for the food dish. However, she got sneaky and went out again when I was coming back in after finishing up with the dogs. I guess I'll bang a spoon on a dish so she thinks I'm getting ice cream. If she's within hearing range she'll be back in.

I had tentatively planned to take the newspapers by the recycle center this afternoon "on my way home." But I didn't expect to stay as late as I did and would not have gotten there before closing. So, that is on tomorrow's agenda. I've got five grocery sacks of old papers in the back of my car, just waiting to be dumped.

The weather forecast syas tomorrow the temperature will be in the mid 80s. Spring has sprung.

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