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Mighty Hunter
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I have a Mighty Hunter in the house. It's my Calico Cutie and she stalks whatever prey she can find. When she has teased it and killed it, she leaves the corpse where I am sure to find it with my bare feet.

Her favorite prey seems to be the giant cockroaches. (These are about two inches long and fly. If you live in the south you know what I'm talking about.) I'll hear a bunch of skittering for a bit, then silence. That's the signal to look carefully where I am walking. She likes to leave the corpses in the bathroom, usually in front of the throne where they will be sure to be noticed.

The other day I found another of her dead prey. This was a little lizard. They get inside the house through gaps in the screens, or maybe loose windows. They're harmless and I don't mind them. However, if it wiggles and crawls it is prey for CC. These are ususally left where they died. Luckily, this is generally NOT where bare feet are going to encounter them in the dark.

Back years ago when the cats were in and out and had their own exit they would bring home their prey so they could play with it in the confinement of a house. Have you any idea of how many feathers a bird has? By the time said bird had been caught and released several times (and left a blood spot on the ceiling) the room was covered in feathers. When the cats caught mice they usually ate them. But in one place they brought at least one inside and the darned thing found a hiding place under the sink where it was safe from the cats. I had to buy mousetraps. Two cats in the house and I had to buy mousetraps.

Sometimes the cats were the victims of the birds, especially the bluejays who would dive down and peck at the cats. I got to be pretty good at cleaning out infected puncture wounds.

Even though Bad Cat goes outside, I haven't seen any signs of her becoming a Mighty Huntress. If she's catching things, she's not bringing them home. Thank goodness.

Meanwhile, CC keeps the house free from intruders.

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