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I have a hard time thinking of titles for these pages. This evening my mind is blank on that subject.

It was a busy day, starting with a brief dentist appointment. From there I headed to the blue Box for the couple of things I had inevitably forgotten on the previous trip. Actually, it wasn't so much forgotten as didn't know I'd be drinking that much (soda) over the weekend. (It was in the 80s.)

After lunch I FINALLY got around to starting to toss stuff from my office. I'd already decided that all my lecture notes on American History could be thrown out. (The last time I taught it was in 1992.) I ended up clearing off about a shelf and a half in one bookcase. I kept all the notes from my public history offerings. (Public history is telling it to the general public, as opposed to students.) I've done several sessions about women at the library.

While tossing, I also found several papers that I'd written and was wondering where they had gone. A couple were from my first computer, which was not DOS. Fat chance I have of ever getting that information from the 5 1/2 inch floppy!

Consider how electronic saving has changed in a relatively few years. First the 5 1/4 floppies, then the little ones (which didn't "flop" but are still called floppies) and now those itty bitty stick things that you really need to tie a string to so they don't get lost. What will be next? And, should I transfer "important" stuff from the small disks to the sticks?

Back to the great clean-up. In order to keep my trash man from throwing out his back, I bagged the papers in smaller batches to keep the weight down. My one trash can (now out by the road) has two small but heavy bags on top, with a larger bag that has household trash underneath.

And tomorrow I go into New Orleans again to actually do something usedful! (And be around other people.)

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