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I finished up the first five boxes of archival material and then had to write up the info sheet for the log. Susan (the archivist) showed me the format and got one of the computers turned on. It's a Mac. I have done nothing on a Mac in almost twenty years--and that time it wasn't much.

I managed to figure out how to get things to turn out the way I wanted them and did up the info sheet.

Then Susan and I went back into the room with shelf after shelf of boxes and found another batch for me. These are mostly about the Newcomb Senate, and they are a mess. I didn't even get halfway through the first box today. The folders look like people just tossed stuff into them, so I'm ending up combining stuff from several folders in the interest of continuity. I finally reached a logical stopping point and left a big sign on the desks saying (in effect) don't even breathe on this stuff. Oh yeah--I said "please." Tomorrow I'll try to get the first box done. I can see that if things don't work out with a teaching job there will almost always be plenty to do there. I wonder if there is such a thing as an archivist who is up-to-date on all donated material?

I shall probably be stiff tomorrow--the archives are on the second floor and I ended up making three round trips up and down the 21 step staircase. On the other hand, I did a lot more moving around than I had on Tuesday.

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