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I now have three bags of Women's History books to take into New Orleans tomorrow for the library at the Women's Center.

Many of these relate to relatively recent American (women's) history. I really hate to part with some of them--the titles and blurbs look extremely interesting. However, I doubt very much that I will have an opportunity to teach American Women's History.

Anyway, I am focusing on Early Women's History, as I've mentioned before, and I have even more books on that topic than just about anything else. And the books I'm giving away will have a good home and get used.

To that end I spent part of the afternoon at PJ's working on Çatal Hüyük. In the lower right hand corner of a living room bookcase I have a stack of Aramco World (or whatever its name is now) magazines, one of which has a fantastic article about this place. Now that I am allowed to fold my body more than 90 degrees I can get at that corner and find the issue I need.

If I ever get the reading and research done I'll be putting this on my Women's History website. Little by little I'm hoping to build that to where it could maybe be the foundation of a course. At least this gives me a goal to work towards--another "chapter" to add to the site.

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