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Today's mail brought me two new books. One of them was about the initial excavations in Çatal Hüyük--written by the man who did the excavating. I'd ordered it through and it arrived looking as fresh as a new copy.

The other book is one of witty sayings by women and it came from a very good friend in Rochester (NY) who I suspect is somewhat psychic. She seems to know when I need some kind of an "upper." Some of those sayings will be showing up here, no doubt.

I took three bags (the kind Wendy's salads come in--they're a bit heavier) of women's history books in to Newcomb today. The stacks seem somewhat empty after the depredations of Katrina. And these are good books. I continued plugging away at the files of the Associate Dean. Some of them were not in good order. I managed to finish the box with everything in nicely labelled in acid-free folders. All that's left is to write up the description and I'll do that Thursday. Then start on the next box!

As I go went the papers I kept running across the name of the dean in the 80s--Susan Wittig. Does anybody read her China Bayles mysteries, set in a central Texas town? She uses her full name there--Susan Wittig Albert. I think I've read all of them. The protagonist has abandoned her law career and opened an herb shop. Her boyfriend is a cop.

I had a nice surprise when I picked up the printing (swim classes) and found that the printer (whom I have known for about 25 years) printed them on blue paper instead of the white. He knows I change paper color evey year. Even though last year I had green ink on white paper, he gave me the colored paper. I really like living in the same more-or-less small town for years and years. This is my 30th consecutive year here, plus the four years in the mid sixties.

Tomorrow is an at-home day, but I have a bunch of phone calls to make. And continue with the great cleanout of the office. And if I get enough done in the morning I'll go do the "geek" stuff at PJ's.

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