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This morning my monitor would not stay on! It's been acting slightly "tetchy" for a while and I've learned to hold the button in for a moment, but today even that didn't work.

I don't remember when I bought it, but it's been a while and I'm sure it's out of warranty. I called YD for advice and she said Geek Squad had a fairly good reputation. I called them and apparently got an exception to that. Basically, he said it sounded like an equipment problem and they didn't come to one's house for that. ????? I mentioned that I was coming off hip surgery and didn't feel I could get the thing out to the car. Called YD back and I ended up going to the local Best Buy to see about getting Word to put on my laptop (it has only Works.) I mentioned my problem and the guys there shook their heads and said they DID make house calls etc. They also said it would be 24 - 48 hours to get Word put on my laptop.

Soooo - - -I picked up the interstate and headed down to Arby's for lunch. While driving I came up with a plan for getting the CPU safely out to the car. I'll simply put it in one of my rolling suitcases--cushioned by towels or something. That should do the trick. And I'll get it repaired by the folks at my local store.

As for Word--that can wait a little bit. At the moment my problem is that I have a floppy with a med school recommendation letter on it. The kid in question apparently didn't get into med school first try (this is not unusual) and just e-mailed me about writing another letter. My reply asked for the address to send it to. And of course, my laptop doesn't have a floppy drive. I'll eventually figure it out.

They have Macs at the Women's center, so I don't think that's much help. If I can post it on my yahoo web site, then I can access that from the laptop and save in a file. I think. I'll toss the floppy in my carryall for tomorrow.

Now that the PJ's near me is open I can do computer stuff there. But I really need to have Word on the computer, so that when my other one gets fixed I can go back and forth between them.

At some point last night there was another crisis--the starship Enterprise crashed and was destroyed beyond recovery. One of the shuttle craft survived. And a china statue of a girl is now smithereens--very sharp smithereens, as two of my fingers can attest.

The shelves that I had fairly high on the wall proved to be too much temptation for a cat. It was probably CC--she's the explorer. When the cat jumped up, the shelves came down. (These are the kind that are just shelves on metal brackets.) I must have been sleeping really soundly because I didn't hear a thing. I broke the news to YD--it used to be her room and the "decorations" were still there.

Never a dull day.

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