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Yep--the LSU ladies took the game last night. This makes something like the third year in a row they have gotten into the Final Four. A couple of years ago, when the Final Four was in New Orleans, they made it to the Final Two, but lost a squeaker to Tennessee. Their Final Four is in San Antonio, and I expect there will be a huge contingent of Louisianans making the drive.

I forget where the men play.

Well, I am now considered part of the staff at NCCROW. I got a computer address. The resident male computer geek went through the sign-in ritual (they have Macs there) and all. For the last couple of weeks I've heard conversations about computers that include the terms "Oyster Boy" and "Shiva." These are merely names given by the people there to pieces of equipment or groups.

And with that address I did the write-ups for the two boxes (with 56 and 63 folders respectively) and stored them where the archivist can access them. I think they're pleased at the back archives finally getting tackled. Susan (archivist) also said something about looking for stuff online. I'll get clued in on that on Thursday. Yes, I like working there and I like the people.

When I drive down St. Charles Avenue it seems so funny to see no streetcars. Turns across the neutral ground go somewhat faster, but I hope the streetcars come back before we all forget to watch out for them.

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