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You heard it right--the school buses that got drowned in Katrina are for sale on e-Bay. Latest word is that there is a $3000 bid on one of them.

These are buses that had water as high as the window tops in many cases. They've been sitting around now for seven months doing nothing but rust.

Well, maybe somebody will see a picture of someone religiously famous in the caked mud. THAT would really up the bidding.

It was a relatively dull day around here. I continued with the de-junking/rearranging of the office room. So far, I haven't found anything I thought was lost. I registered several books with Book Crossings and left them at PJ's this afternoon. They joined half a dozen other books. While there I got some more reading done about the earliest development in the Middle East. The author writes very readably.

I got a book I'd ordered in the mail. It has a mid-1990s publication date, but I am quite sure it is a reissue. The author talks smugly about the Aryans and how that "race" is obviously responsible for the fact that Europe developed much faster than the areas where civilization began. I almost threw up at that--that was the cant more than 100 years ago, when the moneyed Brits were off doing anthropology and looking for verification in the past of their male-oriented society. Basically, they regarded their Victorian society as the acme of social organization and looked in the past for any possible signs of its beginnings. (Hence the emphasis on cave Man doing everything and cave Woman merely a possession, good only for breeding. Jean Auell lets some of that attitude work its way into her "Clan of the Cave Bear" series.)

About the only thing that book is good for, IMHO, is to use for comparison purposes when (if) I ever teach again.

Tomorrow and Friday are "work" days. I wonder how many boxes of unprocessed archives I'll find on "my" desk! And Susan said something yesterday about doing some internet research from home maybe. It's nice to be constructively busy. (Housework isn't constructive because it Does Not Stay Done.)

The only thing I didn't do today was make a doctor's appointment for a regular checkup. I thought about calling at 9 AM, but that's when they open and there is usually no way to get through for half an hour. Then I thought of it again at 11:59. That's a minute before lunch hour, and it would probably take me that long to dial. They don't get back until two, but at 2:01 they were still rolling over to the answering service. Then I forgot about it--too busy with late lunch and reading.

I still am mind-boggled at the concept of drowned schoolbuses being on e-Bay.

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