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Bumper Cars
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Today was bumper cars day on the I-10.

I wondered why the traffic to the old bridge was backed up into town, and it was my usual time for driving in this morning. Eventually the traffic reporter came on the radio and said there had been a five-car accident, with injuries, on the westbound twin span. Well, that means that people are going to head for the only possible alternate route, namely Hwy. 11 and the old bridge--the bridge which currently has a one-way section due to electical repairs for damage incurred during Katrina. There used to be another alternative, US 90, but one of the bridges there has yet to be replaced.

Once I finally got to the bridge, then across it, traffic was almost non-existent, since there was no traffic coming off the twin spans. My whole trip in was 10 minutes longer, at the most.

This afternoon was another story. There was another tie-up westbound on the twin spans, but that didn't affect me. What did affect me was the hour of the day and the reluctance of many people to use the twin span when the traffic to get on it (it goes from three lanes to two) was backed up half a mile already. Thus, once again the 78 year old bridge was attractive to many. Unlike the morning, when there is little eastbound traffic on it and the commuters have much less wait to do the one-lane bit, in the afternoon the traffic is fairly heavy both ways, and it took me about 25 minutes to get across the five mile bridge. (That's why I carry an emergency book.)

I HAD planned to take the interstate home and swing by Sam's to get gas, but instead I went through town. Luckily, the traffic there wasn't too bad and I had none of the frequent stop-and-slow I sometimes run into. I now have enough gas in the car to be sure of getting into N.O. and back tomorrow, even if there are bumper car games going on.

Let's hope tomorrow is smoother sailing!

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