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Sunday, Sweet Sunday
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"Sunday, Sweet Sunday" was a song in Flower Drum Song, if I remember correctly. My husband and I saw it in Denver in the pre-baby days, when we lived in Cheyenne. The words went on " . . .with nothing to do."

Well, that's not the case here. I had a long list of ought-tos and only one of them got done--grocery shopping. When I got back from that, and got the perishables and some of the other stuff put away, I settled down to read the Sunday paper. By the time I'd finished CC had decided that I made a good lean-against when she was stretched out. Little by little she's turning into a really neat pet cat. She talks a LOT--but that's the Siamese in her. However, she has a normal cat voice--not the Siamese deep one. From being Miss Skittish for her first six months with me, she now craves closeness and petting, not to mention ear skritching. She shows no desire to join Bad Cat outside where she is currently collecting fleas. (On my list is Frontline cats and dogs, and flea-spray carpet.)

So what DID I do today? Grocery shopping, then reading the paper, followed by napping with cat. When I woke up I did a couple of Cross Sums puzzles rather than disturb the cat, who was stilll napping. I got semi-involved in something on TV, but it wasn't rememberable. Some Discovery Channel thing about a nutty fugitive.

I guess tomorrow I should tackle today's "list." Isn't procrastination wonderful?

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