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How Did She Know?
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According to an e-mail I received today this person noticed that I "had been researching this subject" and wondering if I had any work in progress.

I checked the publisher and it sounds like a small one, although it meets criteria for a scholarly press. (It doesn't charge you to publish!)

I've sent letters to a couple of my academic friends to see if they've heard of it. I also roughed out what I've been working on to my academic friend in Mobile and asked what she thought.

I have no idea if this will go anywhere, but I'm having fun daydreaming. (And rough-drafting a 1000 - 1500 word summary/plan/etc.)

Other than that, it was an ordinary day. It was Monday so I had to collect the trash, clean the cat boxes, and get the trash out to the road.

I headed for Arby's earlier than usual, because I wanted more time at PJ's. The mail had just arrived with a pair of mid-month checks. Good, I thought--I'll deposit them in my "swim" account (checkbook in wallet) on the way home, then do a computer transfer into the account they belong in. One problem--no deposit slips at the back of the checks. Oh well, I'll do that tomorrow or Wednesday. I used to be able to do banking at a branch on my way into New Orleans (in Slidell) but that's the one that flooded and they couldn't get the vault open. It has progressed to having a little trailer-type thing with a big antenna on its roof and a sign saying ATM.

Bad Cat has been happily in and out a couple of times today. She spent the night outside last night. Serves her right--it was below 60 this morning and I needed to use the furnace a bit. She mostly sits in the grass, nibbles at the grass, looks cute, and collects fleas. I put out some bird seed this morning, but it's been a while since I remembered to do that so I wasn't surprised that the birds and squirrels didn't immediately flock to it. I don't think they're in any particular danger from the cat. She hasn't shown any hunting behavior in the house, unlike CC who leaves large dead bugs all over the place.

So, a somewhat different type of day. It will be interesting to see if anything happens.

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