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Changing Gears
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Mental gears, that is.

All my thinking (well, almost all) is turning towards prehistoric and early historic women. My challenge will be to take the popular history mode of narration in my IDIG website and turn it into a properly footnoted narration in "acadamese."

Yeah--I'm really excited about this. I never thought I would even be approached about doing a presentation for a proposed book. And I refuse to calculate how many typed pages 35,000 - 50,000 words is. (That's the length they are looking for.) Right now I'm working on 1000 - 1500 words about what I want the book to show and then tell them what kind of audience I'm looking at.

That last one is easy--college freshman/sophomore and high school AP history classes, and intro women's studies classes.

Okay--enough of that. Today was a work day, traffic moved steadily inbound, and coming home the delay on the one-way-at-a-time bridge wasn't enough for me to get all the way through the morning paper, which I had tossed in the car earlier.

I managed to get into the house and then back out to feed the dogs without Bad Cat getting out. Needless to say, I feed the cats first so I can sneak out while they are still eating.

Mail had a big package of books and Asimov's. I'll eventually get around to reading them--books are never wasted in my house, and it is nice to have a good supply on hand.

And my mind keeps shifting to women's history. Enough for now.

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