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The Rain in Spain
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The rain in Spain has absolutely nothing to do with today's entry.

Maybe the vacuuming this morning loosened a screw in my brain. Blame it on the cleaning binge.

I got most of the stuff on my to-do list crossed off. I haven't Frontlined the beasts yet, nor have I repotted a plant that did not do well over the winter. I put it inside the garage when cold was threatened, in the bathroom sink. But then I often forgot about it, so it's starved for sun.

I went off for lunch, erranding and studying, but forgot to bring the folder with the book material. I discovered this just before I stopped at PJ's. At first I was going to go home, get it, then return (especially since I got a coupon in the e-mail for a free 16 oz. coffee because I used their wireless wi-fi). But, there was a very large truck blocking a critical block on my street. To detour would mean either adding about two miles to the 2 mile jaunt, and/or getting caught in the mommy traffic at the school I would have to go by to make the detour only one extra mile.

The truck was blocking the street when I left in the early afternoon. It's picking up debris,and that's badly needed. However, I couldn't tell until I got near it whether it was before or after a minor detour street. It was before, so I practiced my backing up until I found a wide enough driveway to use for a turnaround. It was a one-man operation, and I am not sure just how he gets his big bobcat type thing in the truck, especially if it's filled with debris. I'll bet the street will be blocked tomorrow also. Luckily I leave (hopefully) earlier than he gets there.

This morning I cancelled my reservation for the Romania trip. With this book project in the possibility offing, I really can't afford the time. Earthwatch is putting the $300 deposit into an Expedition account--meaning that I can use it for another expedition any time in the next three years. I don't think the project would "not gel" before then--writing the proposal is not going to be easy, since I've never done this. I got a real supportive e-mail from my academic friend in Mobile and when I replied I asked her if she could review the proposal when I get it done. I'll also be able to tap into the academics at the Women's Center.

Now all I need is for the pool man to call me and say he'll have it fixed before June.

(We could also use some of the Spanish rain in the plain--things are getting a bit dry here.)

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