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From an early warm start, the day managed to break the temperature record for April 17. It was in the low 90s, which was six degrees above the previous record. If my pool was functioning it would be warm enough to swim in.

I worked on the proposal for a while this morning, getting it typed up. I attached it to an e-mail to my academic friend. Then in the afternoon I did more reading, thinking, and note-taking.

Bad Cat was out (as usual) this morning. Suddenly I heard her meowing rather insistently. Having had cats for many many years I went to see what the big deal was. The Mighty Huntress had nabbed a little lizard. The tail fell off and kept twitching, but she wasn't fooled by that and kept the body of the lizard in her mouth. I assume she ate it. I left her outside in case the lizard didn't agree with her. She's staying pretty much around the house now. I guess she's done her exploring and found out that there are other cats who have their own territories.

Spurred on by the summer temperatures I dug out the LL Bean catalog and ordered some sleeveless tops. I got a couple from them last year and they actually fit around the armholes, unlike the ones from Lands' End. As far as short-sleeved tops go, I'm having very good luck with White Stag at WalMart. They fit, they launder well, and they're under $10 each. I bought three the last time I was there. When I was in my twenties White Stag was an upscale brand of sportswear.

The top seven (of 23) candidates for mayor of New Orleans are having a debate tonight. So what? It's on national TV--MSNBC. No, I'm not watching it. I don't live in New Orleans. I'll read instead.

Work day tomorrow--must figure out what I'm going to wear.

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