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I woke up this morning too early to really get up, but too late to get back to sleep. So I compromised and washed my hair. It takes about an hour and a half to dry, and I had barely that much time before having to leave for work.

I ended up leaving about five minutes later than usual. Then the two-lane road I take was blocked on one side, so the cars had to take turns (under the direction of a state trooper) passing a car that looked like it was being hauled out of a ditch.

I think that slowed me just enough that I wasn't stopped for the passing of the Crescent (Amtrak to Washington and New York) but instead was cuaght in the line of people who had been, but had not yet gotten the green light needed to get across the tracks to the road with two lanes per side.

That in turn put me behind enough that I was not able to get across the Highway 11 bridge before they started their daily work and one-laned it. (This one-laning started out being supervised by state troopers but has since become the job of sheriff's deputies.) I got about five pages read in the mini-mysteries book I keep in the car.

Bottom line--I got to where I was going about fifteen minutes later than I usually do. But so what? I'm not on a payroll. (However, it's the principle of the thing.)

Coming home this afternoon I was "repaid" for the wait this morning. I got to the one-laning point just as it opened for my direction.

Have I mentioned the dog kennel with the blue roof? One of the survivng camps has a chain link kennel on their dock, with a blue roof to protect the dog from the sun.

Another sight along devastation road--a house half off its pilings and in extremely disreputable shape, with a sign on it: "For Sale: Half Off." I assume that refers to the price, but it is also a statement about the house itself.

That's it for another IUD.

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