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This, being Wednesday, is an "at home" day. Except I wasn't at home very much of it.

I had a dr. appointment (routine) at 10:30 and at one point I wondered if I was going to make it on time. I allowed 30 minutes for a 15 minute drive, and I used up most of the leeway in the first 2 miles.

I've mentioned the debris guy who manages to block the whole street. He was there today. Luckily, he was blocking a short block that has a go-around route. I took that, and figured instead of doubling back to my street I'd just go all the way to the one I wanted to turn onto.

No--I got more backing practice. There was a FEMA trailer being brought in that was blocking both lanes. Once I got back to my street things went smoothly for about a mile, then I spotted a large truck with a bucket up ahead, along with a guy in a reflective vest holding a bright red flag. Naturally, the other lane was getting the go-ahead, so there was a bit of a wait there.

The next frustration came at a place where only blithering idiots try to make left turns across two lanes of heavy traffic, while holding up all sorts of people who just want to turn right. Sometimes these leftists settle down sort of in the middle of the road, leaving ample room for the righties to do their thing. Not today--this turkey was about as far right as he(?) could go and there were about six people waiting behind him. I cut through a bank parking lot, going out the in road and ended up on another street from which I could make my left turn.

Luckily, after that it was smooth sailing, and I got to the doctor's office one minute before my so-called appointment time. I ran into someone from the theatre I hadn't seen for years and got caught up on the news, some of which wasn't too good. Her husband had had a stroke and is not rehabbing as well as they would like.

The purpose of the appointment was totally routine--every six months, since I take blood pressure meds. I showed him my left elbow, which was swollen and tight and sticking out about an inch. I think I banged it more than a month ago and it's been swelling up gradually since then. He removed about 25cc of goop and yuck (don't you love these medical terms?) and put a pressure bandage on it, with the strong recommendation that I keep it on for several days. I just discovered that it makes holding a telephone to my left ear "interesting." Guess I'll keep on wearing those 3/4 sleeve shirts/jackets to semi cover it, although the bandage itself doesn't look nearly as bad as the elbow did.

I discovered the telephpone thing when the Literacy person called to tell me about a prospective student for me. The first one didn't work out--something about finding another ESL class. This person wants to get to where she can pass the GED, so I'll also be doing math with her.

I like being busy--it increases my efficiency on household junk.

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