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I was going through a folder of copy that would eventually end up in a publication, and I found the above note on one of the items. I don't know if that copy was ever proff read, but if it was, I hope it was by someone other than the one who wrote the reminder.

I have run out of plastic paper clips. I hope they have some more stashed away. Part of the processing is to remove and replace metal paper clips with plastic. The metal rust and corrode over the years, and if the papers they are keeping together are thin and not acid-free, they can do a real job on the paper too.

I was on a real lucky streak this morning. Even though I left the house about ten minutes later than I usually do, I got to work ten minutes earlier. Talk about luck. I barely missed getting caught up in traffic when a biker dropped his bike in the adjacent lane of traffic while making a left turn. My lane was already moving, but it took a bit before the biker was up and he may well have been injured somewhat. I debated calling 911 but they can spend a lot of time asking for your information and never quite getting around to the reason why you called them. And with a cell phone I don't think they automatically have your number. Anyway, another biker had stopped and was lending a hand.

I got to the Highway 11 bridge about 8:20 and luck was with me again. They hadn't started work yet so the bridge was still two lanes. The cops hadn't even taken their positions but were standing around shooting the breeze with the workmen, who obviously had not yet all arrived.

Post-Katrina commuting traffic moves steadily (unlike pre-Katrina stop and slow at the high rise over the Industrial Canal) and next thing I knew I was at Tulane at 8:45. Coming home I was equally lucky. I was also a little earlier than than usual and the wait for the other lane to have its turn to move was so short I'd barely gotten my book open when traffic started moving again.

Other than that it was another IUD.

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