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I am getting attuned to my activity schedule and can actually remember when Friday is. It's the day when I have worked the previous day also.

I continue to plug away at the alumnae files. Today I started putting them into their new acid-free folders and organizing them somewhat more logically than they had been. I've mentioned this to the archivist and the director and they have no problems with it. The archivist has also seen that I am very thorough when I type up the contents lists.

I filled two boxes today and am working on filling the third one. I now have two empty boxes--in other words stuff from four boxes fit quite nicely into two boxes. I had to quit when I ran out of acid-free folders. The director was busy and the archivist was out of town so I figured I'd wait till Tuesday when the archivist is back to get some more.

This morning I re-wrapped the elbow with the pressure bandage. It was uncomfortable and I wanted to put something on the inside of my elbow to keep it from sort of chafing. Now then, how would YOU wrap an elastic bandage around your arm?

I managed, but the elbow looked like it had acquired some more fluid. Drat. Well, if it still looks like that Monday I'll give the doctor's office a call and talk to his nurse. (Having my left elbow wrapped also makes it hard to hold a phone--especially a cell phone.)

We had some rain this afternoon. We need a lot more rain--it is really dry. But, it's clearing up and will be a bit cooler for the next few days. I'm thinking that tidying up the yard might be a good idea. I have some flower seeds I'd like to try to grow and they aren't going to do much while they are in the packet inside the house.

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