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Thank Goodness I've Got Cable!

As many of you may be aware, today is Election Day in New Orleans. And that means that the entire evening will be filled with all New Orleans channels covering the returns. The polls don't close till either 7 or 8, but that has never stopped the non-stop coverage provided by the stations.

With 23 candidates for Mayor it would take something most unusual for one of them to get more than half the total vote. So, it will boil down to a contest to see which two get the most votes, and then there will be a runoff. If the past is any indicator, there will be about a one week respite from political ads on TV and then they will start again.

City Council seats are also up for grabs. Probably very few of those will be decided today. And so it goes.

Thus, I am glad that I have cable so I can watch the mindless stuff on those channels while I read.

Today's mail brought two of the several books I ordered recently for my prehistory thing. I spent most of the afternoon reading one of them and then starting the rewrite of one of the chapters from my website. (I'll add that link to the Journal Home page.) I need to "translate" it into academicese.

Tomorrow I'll get at the yardwork.

If I don't get distracted by another book or some such thing.

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