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Yesterday only Freckles showed up for dinner.

Today neither dog was around when I got home. I checked the garage but it was devoid of canines.

I went and put their food out anyway.

A little later I looked out and Fella was sitting in the yard. I made him aware that food was there, and I am assuming that he ate both dishes.

Well, Freckles ate both dishes yesterday.

I gave my car a treat on the way home--I stopped at the car wash. It was closed for about four months after Katrina and they are still short on staff, but they're doing a steady business.

It looks so good--all the dark stuff that gets on the wheels from the brakes is gone; the paint positively gleams; the interior is completely dust-free; and the dirt and gravel that inevitably gets tracked into the front seat area is gone! Definitely worth the money.

This morning I got caught in a major traffic delay on the interstate in New Orleans. (I don't count the delays on the bridge because they are expected.) Suddenly the traffic in front me started slowing--to a stop. I could see the lights on an ambulance up ahead and a couple of cars at cattywampus angles on the road. I got out my emergency book, called a report in to the traffic line, then settled down to some reading. Absolutely nothing was moving so I turned off the engine to conserve gas. (It was cool enough that open windows made it comfortable.) Eventually a couple of cop cars made it to the accident site, followed by a tow truck. And eventually enough had been hauled away that the traffic could move again. I think it was at least a fifteen minute stoppage. I do not want to even think about how far backed up the traffic was.

When I got to the accident site there was still a pick-up off to the side and it was bent practically into a V at its midsection. When the ambulance departed it did not use its sirens. I'm hoping I see something about it either on the news or in the newspaper tomorrow.

I got to Newcomb about half an hour later than usual, but it was earlier than almost everybody else.

By about two o'clock everybody was starting to drift out--this IS Jazzfest weekend--so, since I'd reached a great stopping point I too left early, which was how I had time to have my car washed.

My weekend plans? Work on the book proposal, especially the sample chapter.

My rye grass is going to seed--I guess I need to harvest it.

I like my current work schedule, with its three day weekend. Unfortunately, a three day weekend is an invitation to procrastination. So What?

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