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Hasn't Rained Quite Yet
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Hasn't rained yet, although the weather radar shows some nasty weather gradually creeping toward us. It sprinkled a little (very little) earlier this afternoon, and I remembered to take an umbrella into both Arby's and PJ's. As usual, that action kept the rain at bay.

The dog food I put out last night had disappeared this morning, so either one or both of the dogs probably came to eat. Or, a possum or raccoon, although a possum is more likely.

There was no sign of the dogs this morning or in the early afternoon, nor were there dogs waiting to greet me when I returned about 4 PM. But right after I fed the cats I looked out and Fella was there. So he got a full can of food. I decided to wait to see if Freckles shows up before putting out more food.

As I said, these dogs are 14 years old, and that's old for dogs.

When I was at PJ's someone came into the room, spotted me, and came over to chat a bit. I'd taught both her kids to swim, and her son went on to lifeguarding. I found out what both kids are doing (college) and we talked a bit about the state of colleges in New Orleans. Her husband is a professor at Dillard (where I taught part time for about three years) and their daughter is a student there.

The only other "excitement" today was when the electricity went off in Arby's. That pretty much shut down the store. People already in had their choice of regular roast beef or beef and cheddar. That was was all that had been made. Drink choice was water or iced tea--sans ice.

I continued to read until I'd finished my lunch then headed for PJ's. I ended up taking along one of the leftover beef sandwiches. They were giving them away--either that or toss them. (I don't think they had to toss any.) As various people left they explained to those trying to come in who found the door locked that the electricity was off. A glance across the parking lot showed that Pizza Hut next door was also powerless. And as I drove out I stopped to tell someone waiting for the drive-up speaker to respond that there was no electricity.

I'm currently reading about the matriarchy that a nineteenth century scholar said had existed back before patriarachy. His writing is typical for that period and seems quaint when I read it. He bases his conclusions on mythology. It's interesting and I'm trying to see the flaws in his reasoning before I read some other article that tells just what those reasoning flaws were.

I've pretty much set aside mind candy books for the time being, until I get the proposal together and sent off.

And I plan to read more of the geek stuff while I watch the pointless TV this evening.

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