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End of the Month!
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April has gone by quickly for me--probably because I'm back on a semi-schedule.

This morning both dogs were here, acting as though this was just another morning and they hadn't been gone for a day or so. They probably headed back to home when the storming began last night.

It rained a bunch, the wind blew, and I must have a very clear conscience (darn it all) because I slept through it all. This afternoon I noticed that one bayou on my way into town was way over its banks. I don't think this one has been cleared since Katrina, but the next one down has. It flooded when Rita pushed another storm surge into Lake Pontchartrain and it was the one responsible for the houses flooding in the subdivision that I go through driving into town.

My one-time maid lives there and she came by yesterday with JW literature. She doesn't proselytize, just handed me the flyers and then chatted about general stuff.

She's in a FEMA trailer and is getting claustrophobia. Her grown daughter lives with her and it is a tight fit. Plus, she says they are really poorly made and staples holding the panelling on are falling out. Her trailer is about seven feet wide.

This morning I kept checking the weather radar to find out if I stood a chance of going to WalMart and not drowning. I finally decided the rain had moved on and headed out there. I took my umbrella AND a jacket inside, in case it was raining hard when I left. That must have been the correct move because it had stopped even threatening when I headed back to the car. Luckily, I bought enough dog food for the coming week, not knowing how many dogs might decide to dine at home.

Tomorrow I have to run the vacuum, if for nothing else than because my Calico Cutie has been very efficient at killing the giant cockroaches. I'd much rather vacuum them up than pick them up, even with a paper towel. (These critters are about an inch and a half long.) I also should harvest the rye hay. And work on the sample chapter. I'm down to one pair of undies so this evening I'll break down and do laundry.

The last day of April! Hard to realize that 1/3 of the year has gone by. 32 days till the 2006 Hurricane Season officially begins.

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