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It's the first of May

Outdoor ****ing begins today. (Fill in whatever word you prefer.)

That was what my husband used to say in the early years of our marriage. However, we didn't live in areas where it was possible to do just that and not get arrested.

Another book I'd ordered arrived today. I think it got here in record time. It was advertised as "like new" but with a bit of shelf wear. Darned if I can find any shelf wear. The stuff inside is good too. I spent most of my lunch and coffee time reading it.

The full contingent of beasts were at home for dinner this evening. Guess the dogs learned that it pays to be around. If I ever get around to harvesting the rye Bad Cat will be upset. Right now she can play Great Jungle Beast and "hide" in it. (I'm sure every squirrel and bird is fully aware of her presence.)

Usually I gather all the trash and put it out Monday evening. I looked at how little I had and decided that I really wasn't in the mood for lugging the thing down the driveway when it was only half full. How's that for a defiant attitude. Anyway, I absoutely have to wash my hair this evening. And trim my bangs which are about to get caught in my glasses. I've finally started sleeping till a decent hour in the morning--no more totally awakes at 5 AM. And therefore I can't count on waking on waking up naturally early enough to do the hair in the AM.

Today is a bank holiday in the United Kingdom and Labour Day in Old Australia.

(How's that for a non sequiter?)

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