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are like potato chips--it's hard to have just one.

That's the message on a plaque a friend sent me. The package seemed like a really skinny book, but it wasn't--a book, I mean. (ThanK you!)

My monster cat LOVES having me use the metal flea comb on him. And huge amounts of soft undercoat--grown to keep him warm in the chills of a southern winter--come out. I could probably comb him out till he was practically naked and he'd still be purring and rubbing.

While I was doing this CC came over to him and boomped him gently under the chin with her head. His response was to lean over and give the top of her head a couple of licks.

All together now---"awwwww"

I spent most of today at work using the Mac to record the contents of all the boxes of archives I've processed. I think I can even manage to find them again on the computer. Mac supposedly has Microsoft Word on it, but there are a bunch of little things I can do with the real MS Word that I haven't figured out how to do on the Mac. Because it's not my dedicated computer I don't feel I can make some of the adjustments and change settings to make it more like what I use at home.

Oh well--it's a learning experience.

I now have just one box of archives (of the nine brought out by the archivist) left to process. I'm sure there are about ten more from the Alumnae Files batch hiding in the archives area.

Thanks to catching the "wait" in both directions today on the bridge I am down to the last story in the emergency book. No problem, I've got two more books of short stories to move into the car.

And I managed to luck out on the drive home and miss all the scattered showers, some of which had a lot of water in them. According to the weather radar, it may rain later tonight. The good news is that we've finally had enough rain that the burn ban has been lifted. Now, if I am so inclined, I can burn stuff instead of piling it across ditches in hopes that it will get picked up.

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