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Upside Down Day
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My usual at-home-day routine is a late lunch at Arby's, where I read for a while. I follow that with a stop at PJ's (coffee house) for serious work and get home about 5 PM.

Today I left the house rather early in the morning because I had a prescription waiting for me at the drugstore, and since I'd taken the last pill yesterday I needed this one. I won't mention the now-inevitable long wait to get it--let's face it, there is a labor shortage here. Lots of contractors, but the formerly minimum wage jobs are now paying at least $8 an hour. A greeter at WalMart starts at $8.50/hr.

I finally got eveything taken care of at the drugstore, and managed to find the items I also wanted that were on special. From there I headed to McDonald's for a delayed breakfast. I like their McGriddle thingys and there's seldom much of a crowd inside.

One table had Spanish-speakers. And I noticed that a lot of the McD stuff was in two languages. I have now added a new phrase to my almost non-existent Spanish vocabulary: ¬°este caliente! (I learned that from the coffee cup.)

I started reading a book that came yesterday--The Underside of History by Elise Boulding. It's got some good background material on very early women's lives, even though it was written in 1976. And when I had lingered there as long as I felt like it, I headed back towards home and stopped at PJ's, where I got a large cup of coffee and headed for their "soft" room with a huge comfy chair. I lounged across it sideways and read some more, until I guy I know from church came in and we got to talking.

Thus, I ended up at home about 3 in the afternoon, just a bit later than I sometimes leave for the afternoon. And I have this evening for more reading.

Tomorrow should be "normal" again. (I must remember to put another book of short stories in the car. I'm at the last one in the current emergency book.)

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