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Stormy Weather
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Stormy weather this afternoon, but it was during work and the rain had all cleared away by the time I left. Of course, as I drove east there was a huge black cloud behind me, and when I saw the evening news it was apparent that said black cloud had had a lot of rain to get rid of. Traffic was at stop and slow in both directions on the interstate. There will probably be a bit more tonight.

I'm about halfway through the last box of alumnae stuff that Susan brought in. This one is slow going. Lots of letters and other dated material, and I put it all in its folder from earliest to latest. However, I think I'll probably get that finished up tomorrow and on the computer.

My job has taken on a new aspect--occasional proofreader. I'm glad to do it especially because there's some interesting stuff that needs proofreading. I suspect that the NCCROW people are going to be rooting against my regaining my job in the fall. It's nice feeling useful and needed.

Both dogs were waiting for their dinner today, and Freckles had stayed close enough to home that she came over to the car for her dog biscuit when I got back home. (Yes, I keep a bag of dog biscuits in the car.) Fella was out there also when I brought their dinners.

Basically, another IUD.

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