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Of the nine boxes of alumnae papers brought out of storage a couple of weeks ago, I have all but finished processing them. The only thing left is to record the contents of the last on the computer, and I'll do that Tuesday. I'm betting the archivist will have located another batch for me by then. Needless to say, she is more than a bit pleased.

I am really glad that the idea of volunteering there came to me. I'm doing something useful and interesting. I'm absorbing a lot of information about Newcomb College and its students. And I am part of an academic community and female support group.

Be sure to check out Riverbend's latest post. It's a report from the ground about what you definitely do NOT see (in the U.S. at least) going on in that troubled area. Fearless Leader should be reading it--or maybe Fearless Leader's wife.

(Quick--who is Fearless Leader and where is he found?)

I've got a ton of things to do this weekend--academically, house-wise, and yard-wise. I also need to catch the dogs long enough to Frontline them. The weather may provide me with an excuse for some of the stuff, but not all. At least part of the need-to stuff is reading, and that's not a chore. (Nor do I get sweaty and dirty doing it.)

Bring on the books!

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