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Stuck for a catchy title for today.

The drive in was uneventful, and I got across the bridge before there were any stoppages. No accidents to slow things down, and I got to work in about 45 minutes and arrived at the building just as the archivist was also arriving.

She and I talked a bit. I told here that as soon as I had entered the last three completed boxes into the computer I would be out of work.

She took me back to where unprocessed archives are stored and we came back with what will be two more boxes of stuff. She also mentioned that she had put a manuscipt handler at eight hours a week into her forthcoming budget. And guess who she hopes to have for that job! I assured her that even if I teach at Xavier in the fall, I'll still be able to work at NCCROW.

Today both dogs were visible and waiting for me to give them their dog biscuits before I got out of the car. I don't know what got into them last week that they kept missing meals. Naturally, Bad Cat dashed out of the house as soon as I unlocked the door and was not tempted to come back even by dinner. Maybe she eats the dry dog food that's outside. Maybe she eats lizards or stuff, although I haven't found any small prey remains around. My experience with other outdoor cats is that they eat almost everything of mice, they ignore the internal organs of rats, and they usually eat all of the lizards. Oh, the residue from a bird is a pile of feathers that would cover a bald eagle at the very least.

Project for this evening: type up the first draft of the rewrite of the chapter. I haven't finished it, but it will be easier to see where I'm going when it is typed. I've got a chiropractor appointment tomorrow morning, which means lunch with YD as long as I'm at that end of the parish. After that I shall probably go to PJ's and work on finishing the chapter. The cats will be very confused--it's too soon in the week for me to be gone two days in a row. And, counting the dr. appt., this week will be four days in a row. That will definitely result in calls for extra petting.

No word yet on the pool.

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