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I had a chiropractor appointment on my calendar for today. I showed up there at the right time, but my doctor was off on vacation. The woman said she'd been trying to call me and was my answering machine not working? I told her I'd had some phone problems and some power flickers and then gave her my cell number. Meanwhile, I had a choice of rescheduling or seeing one of his associates. I chose the latter and got a bunch of cricks worked out.

Then I called YD and we set up our lunch meeting. The place we went to has huge delicious salads, and mine was both lunch and supper. YD looked over the rough draft of my proposal, made some good comments, then tackled the partly done "sample" chapter. I told her my target "audience" and said my goal was to have it interesting to an educated person, but not intimidating to someone who has had almost nothing on the topic. She had some technical comments, some of which got my thinking going.

After lunch I headed back home, stopped to gas up ($2.659/gal., mileage 24.6!) then headed for PJ's to work on the Project. I think I have finished that sample chapter. "All" I have to do now is find the precise citations for a bunch of stuff. I know which books the info is in--it's a matter of finding what page. Oh yeah--and digging out the style book because I have forgotten the precise format for footnotes. (I had to go to "help" to remember how to DO footnotes in Word.)

When I got in my car I discovered that the windshield and the front of the car were covered with a fine coat of mud. I couldn't even think about driving until I got the windshield cleaned off. Apparently city workmen were doing some thing at the ditch in front of the store that involved a lot of splashing. Mine was not the only mud-covered car. Once I got home I gave it a thorough hose-down.

Bad Cat stayed inside today and didn't try to get out when I returned home. She may have figured out that food comes fairly quickly after I return. Both dogs were hanging around and ready for their dinner also.

Graduations are coming up and southern Louisiana is getting some "big guns" to give the commencement speeches. Cheney will speak at LSU. Tulane is getting a double speaker--Bush 41 and Clinton.

No word on the pool. I'm feeling more and more negative about the June classes. Well, it's not like I won't have anything to do--not with all those unprocessed archives at Newcomb.

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