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Earlier today I had a title and a topic to lead things off. Now, of course, my mind has gone blank.

I discovered when I got in my car this morning that I had not gotten all the mud splashes washed off. Somehow I missed those on the driver's window. Well, that's not a critical area. The windshield was clean and clear. Maybe I'll swing by the car wash on the way home tomorrow afternoon. I would have today except I had developed a craving for a Wendy's spinach chicken salad and had just bought one.

Things are quiet at work--it's between semesters. The "spring" semester starts May 15--next Monday. Several (most?) of the universities in New Orleans are playing catch-up by basically having had the fall semester starting in January, with another semester right on its heels. That way, students can be "caught up" credit-wise by the time Fall 2006 rolls around. Of course, there won't be much of a summer break, but that's a relatively minor consideration. One student did come by to work a bit, but otherwise the place was almost deserted.

The archivist won't be here tomorrow and she wanted to be sure I wouldn't run out of work! I assured her that the latest batch of stuff would probably take me two more days to finish. I'm not quite halfway through.

The pool person called me today. She was all apologetic, and I kept trying to reassure her that I understood completely the problems her husband was having in getting subcontractors, such as cement people. Hey--they're busy pouring slabs for houses, if they haven't moved away. And his kind of work can't be done by people with little experience. (The standing comment around here is that an advantage to not having had your house repaired yet is that all those inexperienced workmen coming into the area are now very experienced.) (And of course nobody asks if the guys fixing their roof are here legally.)

So, unless a miracle happens I'll be cancelling the classes May 22. If people don't understand, that's their problem.

(When I mentioned this to the archivist she smiled, because that meant she'd have me a couple of extra weeks.)

Saturday is a party for my younger granddaughter. She will be two years, two weeks, and two days old.

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