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Check out the link to A Word A Day and scroll down to the daily X-Bonus. It's a quote from Aristotle and rather thought-provoking.

Work today continued as usual, but the surrounding campus was getting ready for graduation. One of the student workers came back from an awards ceremony with the Best Sophomore designation. Along with the honor came $100. Needless to say, she was pleased.

Button-making continued, but this time they were "Newcomb Forever" buttons. Unless the people who brought suit against Tulane are successful, this will be Newcomb's last graduation.

And as I continued processing archival material I kept running into phrases (and assurances from Tulane ten years ago) like "in perpetuity" which would seem to suggest that Tulane's maneuver to absorb Newcomb completely should be halted.

I thought I had added "no dumping" to my miniscule collection of Spanish phrases, but now I can't remember it. (That, and "no parking" are on the neutral ground signs on Audubon Place.)

I had planned to stop at the car wash on the way home and I did, only to find it closed. I hope that's not permanent. Needless to say, they have been having problems getting helpers. Maybe once school lets out they'll be more successful.

The cats have changed their way of getting on the front porch. The "normal" route is through the sliding glass door. When it's cold I have a pet door insert that normal animals push through. Lady is obviously not a normal cat. She pulls the flap toward her, then goes through. But that is off to the side for six months or so. CC discovered that the window to the porch is now open, so she jumps on the bookcase then goes through the window, landing on the table. The same for getting inside. Today Lady took that route. Are there some kind of feline Bonus Points for finding the hard way out and in? Fabian somehow manages to squeeze his bulk through the cat door, and he has absolutely no inclination to do things like jump up to get to the window.

Tomorrow afternoon is Anna's birthday party. I guess I'd better wash the car myself in the morning. I just hosed it down the other day--it needs a soapy wash to get that mud off.

I'm almost out of underwear--better do laundry this evening.

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