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I could also title this Totally Trivial.

It was very quiet at the office. A couple of people were out, including the archivist. She, however, left me a note "just in case" I finished up what I'm currently working before she gets back next week. It had directions for where to find more stuff back in the rabbit warren aka the archives. I shall probably need to go hunting there--I entered one of last Friday's boxes into the computer and started on the other one. I should easily finish that before the end of this Friday.

Today's Times Picayune had a great editorial cartoon by Kelly. It shows a car all covered with mud. The wife is asking her husband why he had covered it with mud and dirt. His reply was on the order of "If I make it look like a Katrina car it will never get towed and I can park it wherever I want."

There are still hundreds of flooded out cars under the elevated parts of I-10 and elsewhere and the administration is going round and round about towing contracts. This flooded car problem has also insinuataed itself into the mayoral race.

The run-off for that (and other races where no one got more than 50% of the vote) is this Saturday. Thank Goodness. I am getting really tired of the campaign ads all over the TV.

I think the next time I'll need to vote is in July for some millage measures. And then there will be the fall congressional races.

Maybe tomorrow I can weed whack some of the gone-to-seed-and-is-now-turning-brown rye grass. Maybe tomorrow the pool man will appear?? Dream on.

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