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This was an at-home day so I spent the morning making phone calls and appointments. And after making the appointments I'll need to carry a calendar around with me!

I finally got in touch with the pain people and I have an appointment for the spinal injection next Thursday. And the vet returned my call and they are coming Monday at 8:30. (I use the mobile vet--his office is a special motor home.) The Thursday appointment means that I won't go into work that day--I'll go on Wednesday instead. And I got in touch with a friend who will do the transportation on Thursday. (I'll repay her with lunch one day soon.)

I spent a large part of the afternoon at PJ's and this evening I'll be (re)typing the sample chapter, as well as the proposal itself. That will leave just the chapter topics and my c.v. (resume).

Weather is presently unseasonably cool. It was 58 when I got up this morning and I've had no inclination whatsoever to change from slacks to shorts. (Please note: I am not complaining about the weather.)

No word from the pool guy. I'm glad I didn't get around to mailing out swim flyers to former students. I was all set to, then I looked at the calendar and did some fast calculations about repair time and called the pool person and learned about the problems he was having. This will be the first time since 1979 that I haven't given lessons. But, that's the way things go--unexpected consequences from Katrina.

And which commentator used to end his nightly news with "and that's the way it is."?

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