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I finished up box NAC-T-115, entered it into the computer, saving it in oysterboy, then went hunting for another box.

These boxes are a tad bigger than the boxes you get reams of paper in. They're tall enough that they don't mosh the tabs on file folders. And I have completed fifteen boxes of archival material. (I have major brownie points with the people down there.)

The newest box is a mind-boggling mess. It's all about Newcomb's centennial in 1986. I started looking at what's there and most of it is planning. That would be fine, except everybody that got a copy of a meeting or such saved it. I talked with the librarian briefly and said the box needed a total overhauling to cut it down to two copies of each document. And I am quite sure that each and every sales slip (from the sales of commemorative plates) are not historically significant.

I went through about ten folders and have a rough idea of how I'll rearrange things so that it's logical but the duplication is reduced. That box may be half a box when I get done with it.

Wonder of wonders, when I got home and went into the house Lady did not streak past me, but stayed inside so she got her full share of dinner. She'll probably want to go out this evening, but I won't encourage her in that.

And it was a good day commuting-wise. Nobody playing bumper cars and no construction delays. Easy driving in both directions. It took me half as long to get to work this morning as it did yesterday.

Weekend plans? Think about weed whacking the rye and pulling the dewberries out of the yard where they insist on snagging my feet. Maybe get a start on income tax. Perhaps do some indoor tidying up--or maybe sweeping out the garage.

Try to get the whole proposal in shape by Tuesday when I can run it by the folks at NCCROW.

Oh yeah--do laundry. I have no underpants left in the drawer, and only one pair left in the dryer. Definitely do laundry.

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