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Slow Saturday
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Saturday, and not much happening, other than the run-off elections in New Orleans. TGFC once again. But it's a gorgeous day and the voter turnout seems to pretty good, according to the news.

I got the sample chapter typed up and realized that the chapters are going to have to be a lot longer than this one. So my next task is reviewing what I've written and putting in more explanations and expansions. I think the problem is that I'm much more used to writing lectures, which are designed to supplement the texts. I also think I'm very glad that I have an academic "support group" that I can run stuff by.

At lunch (where else?) I started reading a kids' version of the Odyssey and Troy. I spotted it at Dover books and I look on it as sort of a Cliffs' Notes. But, I am getting an overall idea of the plot and I think that will make reading the "real thing" much easier. The key names are becoming familiar. And, best of all, I'm recognizing some of the things from when I read Iliad back in 1998. With the basic plots more or less familiar I'll be able to focus more on Homer's depiction of women, their roles, and male/female attitudes.

I expect to finish the book this evening.

Bad Cat is definitely getting the idea that when I come home in the afternoon I am about to feed all the quadrupeds. No more does she linger outside and play coy. She dashes in as soon as I have the door open and joins CC up on the counter yowling for dinner. I rather imagine that when she misses dinner (and CC eats it all) that she noshes on the dry dog food. The current one has small pieces. If she changes from "meow" to "arf" I'll know I'm right.

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