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Sunday--a Break in the Routine
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YD and family invited me to a Mother's Day plus 7 lunch at one of the old-time restaurants here on the North Shore. Specialties are Italian and seafood. From the oyster/artichoke thick soup to the fried oysters it was fantastic.

One nice thing about quality restaurants is that generally their portions are sized for normal people--not gluttons. You leave feeling full (and satisfied) but not stuffed. This place is no exception.

I stopped to make groceries on the way back. I think I missed the after-church crowd but there were still long lines at the registers. There are some significant advantages to using the motorized carts when the lines are long. And I'm getting pretty good at getting everything I need for a week into the basket. Last week it even included a 22 pound bag of dry dog food!

I brought in all the cold stuff when I got home, and some more of the mostly beast food after I fed the canine beasts. I also spotted a box on my front porch. It was from Dover Press and had the "learn Spanish" kit in it. I figure I might as well try to pick up a few phrases--I'm seeing it more and more and hearing it at the various stores. The "kit" has two CDs with the accompanying book, a book about Spanish grammar, and a coloring book with all sorts of objects labelled with their Spanish names.

At least there's a lot more Spanish around to see and hear than there is Romanian! Maybe I'll be more successful with it. Dover Publications also has several dual language books in Spanish and English. Learn a language--good mental exercise. Or something.

Tomorrow morning the vet is coming. I need to look up which dog is due for shots and cross fingers that I can find and catch it when he comes. The cats aren't a problem. I just have to make sure that Bad Cat doesn't slip out in the morning. She and Fabian are due for shots. Rosie (vet's wife) just called to confirm time and I remembered to tell her that Fabian has an ingrown toenail. She wrote it down so that if I forget about it tomorrow, she'll remember.

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