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Vet Day
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The vet was scheduled to come fairly early this morning, so one of my chief goals was to keep Lady inside. I was successful, and when they called to say they were on their way I got her into a carrier. The vet took the carrier while I tried to catch the dog that needed her shots. If I'd realized she was nearby I'd have tucked a collar and leash into my pocket, but no--I ended up holding her by the collar. And it was getting to my back so I got over by the car, opened the back door and sat down. Then I got smart and took a towel from the car and looped it under her collar. Then I fed her dog biscuits from the car stash. At last the vet came over with Lady in her carrier and we traded. He took Freckles to the motor home/office and I took Lady back to the house. I opened the door and gave her a choice of in the house or out. She opted for out.

I went back to the motor home and sat inside while Freckles had her once-over. She's down to 37 pounds, has arthritis, but otherwise is healthy, albeit 14 years old. Then we went to get Fabian. As I expected he was under my bed, but Alan is quite good at catching animals and in no time flat Fabian was securely tucked under his arm and headed for the "office." He didn't seem too concerned about Fabian's very pale pink nose etc. Fabian was a pound less than last year, but he had plumped up in between. He's eating well again since I got rid of the worst of the fleas. And, his ingrown toenail was easily loosened up and clipped. I happily pay the claw-clipping fee on him--he has really thick claws.

My bill for those three animals averages to about $2 a week per animal for medical care. I think I get much more than that in company and pleasure from them.

CC and Fella get their shots etc. in the fall.

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