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Catch Up Day
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Another good back day! Love those steroids.

And, I finally sat down and caught up on mail, bills, and swimming stuff. Registrations are coming in, and I just send the check back along with my note. I'm glad I hadn't mailed out the notices to last year's kids. Anyway, a lot of them are aware of the web site and registered with forms they printed out from there. All to no avail.

That was this morning. Oh yeah--I also caught up on dark laundry. It's now waiting for me in the dryer.

I went to Arby's for lunch and got some more reading done. I'm currently quick-reading a book about the ancient Mediterranean world. It's written by a Brit who has about 60 books to his credit. He wrote it for the popular audience, but he wrote it in the 1960s. Oh is it dated. I shall use some of his comments about cave men as an example of the "old" way of thinking. And the fact that the book is so dated is a good little lesson in historiography.

After lunch I shifted to PJ's and went after that sample chapter. By the time I finished I had critiqued it with about a dozen notes to myself saying "talk about . . . ," "cite . . . ," and general instructions about what I felt was needed to explain things properly. One thought leads to another, and this evening I have to hunt down a couple of books that are somewhere in the house and find what I think I recall reading in them.

I hope the people at the Women's Center understand that I may be working for free, but I need their criticial skills and suggestions with this thing.

So, I caught up on the bills and bookeeping. I finally got the mid-month stuff taken care of. My SS check is deposited about the 18th of the month, and that's about when all the utility bills get auto-deducted from my account. Looking at the calendar, I got it done just in time for the first of the month stuff. (That's when my pension check magically appears in my account.)

Spotted in today's paper: the new term "Katrinket." It describes something you bought because you figured you deserved it after Katrina. The person writing the article said her husband's Katrinket was a 72" super-duper state-of-the-art TV. I'd say my trip to Kenya was a Katrinket.

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